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Robin K. delivers a diverse portfolio of modern brands to a global audience across some of the largest and most popular retailers, including Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Haute Look. Founded in 1999, Robin K. has established itself as a leading manufacturer with a stable production system comprising the capabilities and facilities to produce at volume in the U.S. as well as in 7 different countries. As a fashion house, Robin K. is marked with it’s ability to design, develop, and distribute fashion; and is renowned for it’s long-proven aptitude for building prominent and lasting brands on a global scale.
The passion and commitment bolstered by Founder and CEO, Billy and Jenny Kang continues to drive the company and it’s brands to expanding horizons and ambitious growth. Given the vast corporate resources and over 18 years of long standing industry relationships, Robin K. is well positioned to pursue new markets and territories while continuing to develop their expanding portfolio.



    Est. 2009

Contemporary missy brand rapidly grown to become one of the top 3 selling brands at POV Nordstrom from 2010-2013, and the #1 selling brand in 2014.


    Est. 2013

Contemporary brand rising to prominence and sold to over 6,000 stores in North America, Europe, and Asia.

nürode by RO & DE

    Est. 2018

Robin K.’s newest addition, a youthful contemporary brand set to become a staple for the independent and free spirited girl on the go.



Contemporary brand grown into a #1 selling brand in T.B.D. Nordstrom in just 1 year, ranking in the top 3 from 2009-2013.


    Est. 2015

Streetwear brand gaining widespread recognition and expanding globally.

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